It started with a $2 train ride in 1905 when Frank H. Ayres travelled west from Ohio with his wife and young son Donald to explore land development opportunities in the Golden State. In the century to follow his legacy and original dedication to quality craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service have set the Ayres apart from other design and construction companies.

With a dedicated and talented team of interior designers, purchasing managers, and development managers, we have the skill, creativity and experience to handle your project from conception; safely creating breathtaking transformational environments your guests will love .


We help you navigate through complex and subjective approvals process to advance your project and secure long-term value for your property.

interior design

Our in-house team of interior designers and professionals utilize their expertise and eye for detail to deliver stunning spacial transformations.

FF&E Purchasing

Our expertise in sourcing furniture, fixtures and equipment ensure the integrity and timeline of your project is maintained from start to finish.


A dedicated team of construction professionals will see your project from planning to budgeting and breaking ground to occupancy.


We go beyond managing schedules, budgets and scope with our projects. We're fueled by five generations of passion to develop projects that inspire.


If your project needs an Environmental Impact Report (EIR), an annexation or general plan amendment, rezoning, planned development permit, variance, conditional use permit or development agreement, we're here to guide you through complex political and regulatory steps required to securing these approvals.

Interior DESIGN

The interior design team at Ayres Construction Company is here to help you realize your vision through a strategic, yet personalized, approach. From start to finish we will work with you to make sure your vision becomes a reality. Have a more hands off approach?  Our team is experienced in all facets of interior design and can complete your project with minimal amounts of your time spent. We will always deliver unique and affordable solutions that maximize your ROI potential.

FF&E Purchasing

Providing thorough attention to detail and ensuring your vision is achieved, our Purchasing Managers stay involved throughout the entire process. Our diverse backgrounds give us a unique perspective on everything from design through implementation.

Construction Services

We provide our clients with a single point of contact to ensure that every step of their project – from the budgeting, planning, design, construction, logistics and purchasing of materials and equipment – is handled by an experienced team of professionals held to the highest standard of safety and accountability.


Through a hands-on and collaborative approach to the client experience, Ayres Construction Company provides ground-up commercial and residential development expertise based on over a century of experience developing in Southern California and its environs.


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